Acidizing Services


Alpha Pumping Services is fully equipped to provide excellent well-performance. Our team of experts has state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently and safely complete each project. Our acidizing services include specialty acid blends, xylene treatments, solvent treatments, salt diversion, and ball diversion.

General Pumping Services


Our pumping equipment allows our team to meet the requirements of the treatment plans for your project. The Alpha Pumping Services team is trained to provide pressure testing, injection rate test, frac mitigation, and well breakdowns. 

Chlorine Dioxide Well Stimulation


Chlorine Dioxide, when staged with standard acid treatments, is an excellent treatment for producers, injectors, or underperforming disposal wells. CL02 is a powerful oxidizer that treats iron sulfide, H2S, biomass, and residual polyacrylamide-based polymers that are not easily treated with standard acid blends. 

CL02 is a true gas suspended in an aqueous solution. This allows the treatment to penetrate areas of formation that a standard water and chemical molecule can not. CL02 kills 99.9% of all wellbore and formation bacteria, which keeps wells cleaner longer.

Our “on the fly” CLO2 generation process safely and efficiently generates 3000 ppm from 1-8 bpm.  Our footprint only adds one additional piece of equipment to your normal acidizing layout.  We have successfully completed over 500 CLO2 stimulations beginning in October of 2018 with “zero” incidents.

Acid Delivery Services


Alpha Pumping Services strives to meet your acid delivery needs. Our team offers raw and blended acid delivery, acid tank bottom cleanout and reuse services, and infield location delivery is available for your project.

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